What to do as Maid of Honor Before the Wedding

What to do as Maid of Honor Before the Wedding

Your nearest and dearest best girl asked and you said YES to being the Maid of Honor! Excitement, emotions, lots of hugs, and suddenly you realize…now what? You want to be a kick-butt superhero bridesmaid but you aren’t confident you know all you need to do. Uh-oh.

Never fear, Pretty Bride Shop is here! If you have never been a maid of honor, this will help you understand what is in store for you.

4 things a Maid of Honor Must Do Before the Wedding Day:

1. Help with THE Dress shopping and Fittings.

Bridal Shops are so much fun, it’s adult dress-up that occasionally contains champagne, but they can be completely overwhelming and exhausting. There’s a LOT of inventory in there y’all. Your presence and advice during dress shopping time can be super helpful and calming for any bride-to-be.

2. Help with Seating Arrangements.

Putting together seating grids is not the most fun part of the wedding, let’s be honest. But you can help the process go smoother since you are not hosting the event (may not be directly attached to any relationship drama that may need to be negotiated) and your “unattached” (less emotional) view can help bring a new perspective to the bride as she navigates seating.


Now, this is important (and the super fun part!) It is your job to host and plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party! So that you don’t get overwhelmed, team up with the other bridesmaids and any relevant family members and make sure duties are delegated to help take the stress off of you as the main contact person.

4. Attend Bridal Events with the Bride.

Talk about information overload! Not only is there a lot for a bride to process and decide, but she also has to manage other people’s opinions on the subject. You can help keep the perspective in check and the mood light and fun as you meet TONS of vendors. You can also take her out for a glass of wine after to decompress.

The key thing to remember is your girl picked you because she loves you and wants you to be a part of her big day! Don’t stress that you feel you need to be perfect, just do your best, have her back and make her laugh and everything will go great!

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