Three ways your “unofficial” bridal party friend can help

Three ways your “unofficial” bridal party friend can help

This has the potential to be awkward. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes in the course of planning a wedding (which can take up to a year before the big event finally arrives), life happens. Maybe you change jobs, or cities, start volunteering and meet someone new. This someone can take a prominent position in your life and the relationship develops fast and is real and you start to feel they should share your big day and they want to too. Problem is, you’ve already got your bridesmaids lined up.

(You didn’t think I was talking about a new betrothed, did you?!)

Instead of feeling angst over how to include them or worry about adding another person to your wedding party, here are some great ways for your “unofficial” bridesmaid to help out, officially.

They can help place stamps or address labels on invitations.
Because, holy moly, can that task be neverending. Your name starts to blur, your address doesn’t seem like it’s even in English by the time you’re done sticking those things on the envelopes.

They can make the Starbucks run on the morning of the wedding.
Do. NOT. underestimate how important this step is. Not only does the coffee get you through, but so does the food (because it may be the only thing you eat).

They can be your “outsider” perspective (for the drama).
Listen, weddings are fantastic. You’ve nearly everyone you love and who loves you and your beloved, in one room. That is pretty incredible.

You also have everyone you love coming to see you in one room. That can cause some high emotion which can cause drama. So, apparently, can the decision over centerpieces, for example. It can be hard to keep perspective when planning something so big/small and emotional.

Your unofficial bridesmaid can lend a friendly and not-so-biased opinion on the drama caused by planning a wedding which can provide a great outlet for you.

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