The Final Countdown: 3 Little Ways to create a Bridal Beauty Ritual the Week Before Your Wedding

The Final Countdown: 3 Little Ways to create a Bridal Beauty Ritual the Week Before Your Wedding

It’s the final countdown. The major details are done (no more debating the merits of black napkins versus white) and now all you have left to do is get ready for showtime.

There are the usual “must do’s”: the root touch-up, the mani / pedi, facial… There are also some really simple, everyday, and remarkably affordable (some are FREE) ways for you to look and feel your best at your wedding.

1. Make Time to Drink more Water.

Water is your body’s BFF. While you may think water seems to be everyone’s go-to “cure-all”, it’s that for a reason. Water will help your skin by hydrating it (and the positive effects of hydration are not to be underestimated. It helps relieve puffiness and dark circles to name a few), it will help you get rid of any unnecessary toxins and you will feel more refreshed as you tackle all the last minute details that need your attention right before your wedding.

2. Spend at least 5 min in the morning dedicated to “ME TIME”

… to stretch, meditate, or get your yoga on. There is a lot that happens before you get married and it’s important to slow down, take it all in, and make sure you are taking care of yourself. When you start out your day focusing on giving yourself time devoted to you, you will be able to glide through your week with ease and grace.

3. Exfoliate 1-2 times and do a hydrating mask 3 times during the week

Exfoliating, like hydrating, can be your skin’s best friend. I can ALWAYS tell when someone took care of their skin the week before the wedding. Makeup can do a lot to help but the truth is… makeup is only as good as the skin it is on. If you want your makeup to look natural, radiant, glowing, and beautiful, give your skin some TLC so it can reflect the look you are going for.

Pro Tip: RL Linden’s Bee Charmer is an excellent product to help exfoliate and bring hydration to your skin. I recommend putting it on, topping it off with some organic coconut oil, and leaving it on while you work on emails or any DIY wedding projects!

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