5 Things to Think About While Finding The One Wedding Dress

5 Things to Think About While Finding The One Wedding Dress

There are some pretty big purchases in life that you always recall. The first car, first apartment or house, an iPhone (because in some states that thing costs as much as a month’s rent…), that time you could afford more than just the ‘house wine’ and for those who are married…. the wedding dress.

Shopping for The Dress is exciting, a tad emotional, and tricky. You’ve got to remember to pick a wedding dress, not just a pretty dress you like in the way you like your favorite sundress. For some brides finding the wedding dress can sometimes be the most stressful part of planning and that stinks!

Here are some great straightforward and simple tips to help remove that stress and bring the fun back into your shopping for your Big Purchase!

  1. Bring some friends. Not everyone and their mother. You want some opinions and ideas, not a peanut gallery full of a hundred different opinions. Bring friends whose opinions you value and whose style you admire. Most dress shops have sample sizes. The sample size is what is created by the designer to show what the dress will look like, not an actual size you 1. need to fit into and 2. the only size that the store has. If you like that dress it is ok if the sample does not fit because they will order your size! Knowing this will hopefully bring less stress to the situation.
  2. Repeat after me before reading this tip: You are beautiful. No matter what. Now, this one here can be a big stress inducer so I am just going to point out the obvious: Don’t buy the dress for the body you think you will have on your wedding day. Buy a dress to fit the body you have now and if you need to, have it altered to the body you will have on your wedding day. You’re beautiful, your partner loves how you look and you don’t need that kinda body stress hanging over you on top of all the other things you need to get done.
  3. You know you’ve found ‘The One’ when the dress you try on makes you feel like a bride. Confident, beautiful, and comfortable.
  4. This one is just a bonus. If the shop offers you free champagne…. Take. It.

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