5 things to Remember When Vetting Your Wedding Makeup Artist – Bridal Beauty is NOT just About Hair & Makeup

5 things to Remember When Vetting Your Wedding Makeup Artist – Bridal Beauty is NOT just About Hair & Makeup

Call me crazy but I believe there is a fine line between being beautifully made up to where your natural beauty shines through and being OVERLY done up to where you can’t even recognize yourself! Now, if you like to wear a TON of makeup this post may not necessarily be for you and I RESPECT that. If you wear little to no makeup on a daily basis but you are looking to have makeup done for your wedding day, read on you may find this helpful.

One of the joys of being a makeup artist is to get to know women and what makes them different and beautiful in their own way. I absolutely love working with the bone structure, eye color, hair color, and the overall personality vibes I observe from my clients to really bring out their true beauty. It is great to supply photos from the web or magazine as inspiration for your wedding day makeup artist. One thing I ask clients is what do you like most about this inspiration photo. The intensity of the eye shadow? The color choices of the makeup? Or, the overall feel of the look?

I would say the biggest piece of advice I could give you while you chat with your makeup artist during your trial consultation I choose your descriptive words wisely. If you are working with a professional artist, they will give you what you describe. If you ask for a soft romantic look but really you want a soft and romantic look as far as face makeup goes and a more glam eye shadow look, be mindful of how you are describing the look you want to achieve.

If you are looking to look like your vibrant, beautiful, exquisite self on your wedding day, make sure you vet your wedding day makeup artist before you sign the dotted line on your agreement or put down a deposit. Here are a few things for you to remember:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask “how long have you been doing wedding makeup?”
  2. Ask her to describe her style of makeup?
  3. Don’t automatically judge a book by its cover, but if she has more makeup than you would feel comfortable wearing, don’t hesitate to ask if they think their personal makeup is more dramatic or natural. If you are looking for really soft makeup and she is sporting a heavy smokey eye, and she says it’s her natural everyday makeup…  Maybe she is not the right fit for you or vice versa
  4. Do you feel like she is truly listening to you?
  5. Do you feel comfortable in her presence? She will be one of the last people you see right before you hit the aisle!

I hope that these vetting tips help you find the right fit for your wedding makeup needs.

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