Simple and Subtle Wedding Makeup: The Beauty in Simplicity

Simple and Subtle Wedding Makeup: The Beauty in Simplicity

As a makeup artist, my craft has evolved much like anyone who regularly practices their trade! There was a point in my career when I was told that I was like the Cirque du Soleil of beauty makeup artists because of my love for COLOR and how I liked to apply 12 different eye shadows on one set of eyelids. At the time, I chose to take that as a compliment… Although looking back, I think it was NOT really a compliment.

Over the years, I have cut back on how many colors I use but I still love to challenge myself by adding colors that people are usually afraid to try on their own and incorporate the colors into their wedding day look while making my client feel comfortable and beautiful with the end look. However, every so often I meet a gal who has really embraced the beauty in simplicity.

It’s beautiful women like that, that remind me that it’s ok not to be the Cirque de Soleil makeup artist I identified with in my early years. I am so happy to have been a part of many wedding days as people’s makeup artist! Working with you makes me expand on my knowledge of makeup application and color theory by creating simply beautiful looks that encompass grace and true beauty. My point with this post is, that while you are on the hunt for inspiration for your wedding day makeup remember this:

There is beauty in SIMPLICITY

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