5 Mantras to help you survive wedding dress shopping

5 Mantras to help you survive wedding dress shopping

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the biggest purchases that go towards your wedding day. While it doesn’t have to be, it must be said that, as a bride, you will most likely be spending more than you budgeted and that can be stressful. It is safe to say, wedding Dress Shopping can be one of the most exciting experiences yet also one of the most stressful experiences that a bride may go through. I don’t know about you but I find it helpful to turn to trusty mantras in times of stress.

Before we go any further, If you are not familiar with what a mantra is, it is a phrase that you can say on repeat to bring yourself back to a calm state whenever you feel, stress, anxiety, or rage bubble up to the surface. mantras are great for every day and can come in handy while planning a wedding!

I bring up the idea of taking mantras with you while dress shopping because the price tags on most wedding dresses may be a bit shocking to the first-time bride. I have had a woman describe the feeling that she had while purchasing her dress as a similar feeling that she had when she was putting a down payment on her car, so without further adieu, here are 5 trusty mantras to take with you while dress shopping:

  1. “Peace begins with me” – I learned this one from Gabrielle Bernstein. It can come in handy anytime you feel like the frenzy of dress shopping is starting to take over your emotions. Take a deep breath and recite this mantra at least 3 times.
  2. “The best is yet to come” – This one comes in handy if you are on dress number 6 and still feel like you have not found the ONE yet. Keep on trying dresses!
  3. “Be here now” – Be present! How many times do you get to go dress shopping?
  4. “It’s alright to ask questions if I am not sure” – This is great for if you are not really “into fashion” feel free to ask the advice not only from the friends and family you choose to bring with you dress shopping but as the stylist(s) working at the bridal shop. In every bridal shop that I have been to, the stylists are all very well trained and are up to date with all of the bridal fashion trends.
  5. “Breathe!” – Remember to breathe! Especially if you are having to try on sample sizes and you are not a sample size. Know that whatever dress you choose, will be ordered in your size. You have the option to get alterations, so worst case, you order a size too big and get it tailored down to fit you. Don’t worry, be happy in every dress you get to try on.

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