Hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding

Hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding

Survey time! When you decide to have your hair cut, do you do it or a professional? When you want to have your nails done, your clothes tailored, your house renovated, do you do it or a professional? (Sense a theme here?).

Here’s why I ask, you are capable of doing any of the above but the question is if you should (hello crooked bangs, nail polished cuticles, and crooked door frames…). The same thing goes for hiring a makeup professional for an important and big event. You can do your own face but… should you? When nerves are jangling and tensions and excitement are high, you do not need to deal with these issues, I know the last thing bride’s/public speakers/models want to be dealing with is makeup issues in the form of random mascara clumps, foundation that suddenly doesn’t seem to cover dark eye circles and uneven eyeliner.

Hiring a Makeup Artist Let’s You:

  1. Sit and allow someone else to take care of you. You deserve to be pampered! What is more fun than being stress-free, sipping on coffee (or a mimosa), and having someone do the work for you?
  2. You know you will look good which will make you feel better. A good makeup professional knows how to expertly match your tone, highlight features, blend and have you look your best. When you get a blowout and walk out of the salon, how good do you feel? Can you get that bounce and side-swept bangs happening the same way your hairdresser can? Probably not. The same thing goes for makeup by a makeup professional.
  3. You Get Professional Tips. Some key items to have in your purse to maintain your professional makeup application are things like blotting papers (Jane Iredale makes some of my faves!), a hydrating mist to keep your skin fresh and dewy (I love the RL Linden Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist), and a lipgloss.
  4. And most importantly, hiring a professional makeup artist for a special occasion or event is more than just a makeup application, it is an opportunity for you to relax before your big moment. It removes stress, one more item from your to-do list for the day, and brings peace to your day at an important time in your life! That can’t be underestimated!

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