Emergency Wedding Kit – Mayday, Mayday (It’s My Wedding Day)!

Emergency Wedding Kit – Mayday, Mayday (It’s My Wedding Day)!

It’s the morning of your wedding. Mimosas and coffee are poured into cups, favorite tunes on in the background, you’re giddy with excitement as you prepare for your big day with your loved ones and friends.

You step into your dress and suddenly you realize:

  • You forgot deodorant
  • You forgot bobby pins
  • Your lovely and expensive special shoes are giving your left heel a heck of a blister
  • A safety pin would be key in hiding your bra from onlookers
  • Those mimosas, coffee, and nerves are not making friends in your stomach

But never fear, your Day Of Emergency Kit is here!

Below are some items that I, as a makeup artist who has been privy to many a “mayday” moment on wedding day mornings, think are key to have tucked away into an emergency kit.

  • travel hair spray
  • hydrating mist or makeup spray
  • IBUprofen and antacids
  • mouth wash
  • lipgloss (a good place to hide the bride’s touch-up lip gloss is inside your bouquet!)

Things that can be included in the emergency kit can be customized for the bride depending on her likes and dislikes. While it is not typically the Maid of Honor’s job to be in charge of a day of emergency kit, it is a nice thing to do if she is looking to give a little something extra to her friend.

Having an emergency kit on hand, whether you find you need it or not, will provide a sense of security knowing you have backup should you need it and leave you free to concentrate on the awesome day that lies ahead of you!

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