3 Alternatives to real flowers for your wedding

3 Alternatives to real flowers for your wedding

This one goes out to the ladies who are not looking for real flowers for their wedding. I had a surprising meeting with a bride a few months back. During our meeting, she and I began to talk about her wedding day details. When I asked her to tell me about her floral situation, she said, frankly, “I don’t like real flowers, I am looking for something that will last!” At first, I was confused because what woman doesn’t like real flowers?

As I sat and chatted with the lovely lady, I started to remember past clients I’ve worked with who have had paper flowers, brooch bouquets, or fabric flowers. It’s actually not all that uncommon to have fake flowers at your wedding and even more surprising, at that moment, I realized that there are tons of classy options out there to choose from.

In this post, I will highlight three classy options as alternatives for real flowers. Keep in mind that any of these options can be combined with real flowers as an accent detail. You can really get creative with wedding flowers nowadays! Let’s take a look:

  1. Wooden Flowers- There are several different flowers that can be made out of wood. I personally own some wooden rose flowers. I love that I have had them for years and they can come in virtually any shade. The flowers pictured below are handmade and dyed to match David’s Bridal blush color. How fun is that?
  2. Paper Flowers – I LOVE paper flowers! What I love most is that you can really play with texture by using different weights of paper for different flower shapes. For years I have had a slight obsession and have tried several times to create my own. Luckily I have a very talented wedding pro friend, Felicity, who makes beautiful alternative flowers along with stationary. She can make large or small, realistic-looking paper flowers.
  3. French Beaded Flowers- For the third option, I had a hard time choosing between brooches and fabric, and then I stumbled upon the beautiful bouquet pictured below. As an artist, I am big into playing with texture and colors. There was something so captivating about the color options and the texture of the beading. This type of bouquet would be perfect for a shabby chic, romantic, mountain, or country wedding!

These are only three options for alternatives to real flowers. What do you think about having fake flowers for a wedding? Do you find that it can be classy or do you think this is a passing trend? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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