Advice for Future Brides: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Advice for Future Brides: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

People will Stare. Make it worth their while

Harry Winston

When it comes down to the last minute before a bride walks down the aisle, they are more nervous about the fact that a lot of people are going to be staring at them versus the fact that they are entering a new chapter in their lives and leaving singlehood behind them FOREVER… Or worse the fear of being left at the altar.

You spend so much time and energy leading up to your wedding making sure you create an experience that you, the love of your life, and your guests will enjoy. Oftentimes, the moment you walk down the aisle turns into an afterthought. You know that moment… the one when all the guests practically give themselves whiplash while turning around in their seats to stare at YOU, THE BLUSHING BRIDE!

 The fear of being the center of attention doesn’t occur with every bride I work with, but a good handful of them express this feeling as I wrap up their wedding day makeup. For those who do, I can totally understand especially if the bride is more of an introvert like myself. My advice for anyone who is feeling a little nervous or EXTREMELY nervous about being the center of the attention on your wedding day is this:

Stay true to your authentic beauty and remember that your guests are attending your wedding to celebrate the love that you have found. Be your own beauty.

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